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  • “tails”
             from fetch!

  • tails-of-the-unexpected
Our pets' ability to triumph in the face of unexpected adversity is nothing short of inspiring. Petplan is proud to help protect these, and all the members of our Petplan family, come what may.
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    A professional milliner, Rod is used to making (and wearing) a lot of hats — including that of loving pet paren...

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    Like most best friends, Boo doesn’t exactly “chews” wisely — any stick or toy will do. But wh...

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    With their combination of curiosity and intelligence, Siamese cats like Latte ...

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    Some say the bark is worse than the bite, but don’t tell that to Riley — who’s twice been bitten an...

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    With speed to burn, Plucky was born to run — to the couch, that is!

    “My husband ...

  • back in the game

    “Once you go Jack, you never go back,” laughs Ann Fox, mom to Petey, a 13-year-old read more »

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